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Hi, and welcome to my page where I cover the gadgets I make and sell.

At the moment, unfortunately nothing for sale as it’s either sold out, or work-in-progress that is not ready yet.  

2018-03-14 Update

Third prototype for Jammafier PCB’s ordered.  The Jammafier will be shipped with an acrylic top cover, a prototype should arrive shortly.

2018-03-03 Update

Second prototype for Jammafier PCB’s ordered.  

2018-01-03 Update

Jammafier – WIP, first batch planned for early 2018

JVS-PAC2 – WIP, likely to be available after the Jammafier

Retro Scaler A1 – WIP, likely last to be available, mostly because of high production cost 

JVS-PAC – End-of-life, no more stock