What is the JVS Expander?

What is the JVS Expander?

The JVS Expander has the missing connectors and electronics to turn your DE10-Nano into a self-contained JVS system. You can purchase it by selecting “Store” then “Products” from the menu.


  • 24 bit (16.7 million colors) RGB DAC
  • JVS Interface
  • Sync-Guard – will block frequencies your monitor is not designed for
  • I2S audio DAC with RCA stereo output
  • Low-lag, works as either keyboard with MAME layout or 2xGamepad
  • Easy firmware update

Caveat / Disclaimer

The JVS Expander is tailored to work with the DE10-Nano and the current release of the MiSTer project (as of 2022-11-28). HOWEVER, the MiSTer project is very much a moving target and the maintainer/architect has stated directly that playing arcade cores in real arcade cabinets is not a priority. Future MiSTer developments may result in MiSTer being useless in an actual arcade cabinet – but hopefully not :).

I have tried my best to provide clear instructions on how to get the Expander working with the MiSTer project, but neither this site nor me personally will ever be an authority on the inner workings of the MiSTer project. If you have an issue you believe is rooted in the JAMMA Expander, don’t hesitate to reach out – but I may not be able to be of great assistance with current or future MiSTer quirks that are not related to the JAMMA Expander.

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