Firmware update

Firmware update

The firmware can be updated using a standard Micro SD card.  The card must be formatted with FAT filesystem.

Download zip file below, and extract files to root of sd card.

Update Procedure

  1. Keep  both A and B buttons pressed while connecting the USB cable – the display will show that firmware update is active.  
  2. Follow instructions on screen


2021-02-15 MiSTer compatibility, changed default player 2 button 5 from I to E (MAME standard).

2021-01-13 Fix bug where coin stops working if IO board is rebooted or reconnected while JVS-PAC 2 remains powered

2020-08-02 A screensaver will kick in after 5 minutes to preserve OLED, hold B button for 2 seconds to wake it up.  Internal memory optimization.

2020-06-30 Fix bugs related to 3 and 4 player inputs, added JVS input TILT1

2019-10-24 Correctly Identify IO board in G-Balance cabinets

2019-06-03 Fix bug with IO boards without any player inputs, fix IO board error counter reset, identify Taito RFID board

2019-06-02 Fix keyboard keys ALT,CTRL and SHIFT.  All users should update to this version.

2019-04-22 Initial release

Firmware update problems

Message: Blank screen on startup

Cause: You’re probably touching some of the components on the PCB 

Fix: Disconnect, take care to not touch anything but the buttons and try again.


Message: card bad/missing 

Cause: There is no card inserted, or the card is not accessible on the electrical level by the JVS-PAC 2.

Fix/Solution: Try another card.


Message: card format error 

Cause: The file system is not readable by the JVS-PAC 2. 

Fix/Solution: Verify that the card has a FAT filesystem on it.  The JVS-PAC 2 is not picky about which FAT version (FAT32/exFAT etc), or computer system used to prepare the card. 


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