Keyboard Operation


 Out of the box, the JVS-PAC 2 behaves like a keyboard, suitable for use with MAME without any user configuration.  In other words, if you have a working mame – you can simply connect the JVS-PAC 2 and things should work.

Controlling MAME – shift mode

In MAME, to quit games, control volume, pause a game etc – you would normally use a keyboard.  The JVS-PAC 2 makes this easy by having the 1PSTART button work a little different.  There are 3 modes to choose from, depending on how many options you would like.  You can choose which of the 3 modes you would like in the OLED menu on the JVS-PAC 2.  

No shift mode

If you don’t want or like the shift key functionality, you can choose for it to be “OFF”. Be aware that the MAME license does NOT permit operation in a commercial setting.

Limited shift mode, ESC only

The limited shift mode will only enable you to exit games from MAME.  By holding 1P start pressed for a couple of seconds, it will issue and ESC on release.  A normal tap on 1Pstart will issue the normal key configured for 1Pstart on release.

Full shift mode

Activate by pressing and holding 1P start, then one of the inputs below:

Player 1 leftEnter
Player 1 rightTab – enter MAME menu
Player 1 up~ – volume adjustmests++ in MAME
Player 1 downp – pause MAME
Player 1 button 15 – increase credit
Player 1 button 2INS – speed up MAME
Player 1 button 3F2 – MAME test key

MiSTer shift mode

Activate by pressing and holding 1P start, then one of the inputs below:

Player 1 leftEnter
Player 1 rightF12 – MiSTer menu

Default Keyboard Mapping

This section details the resulting keys out of the JVS-PAC 2 based on cabinet input.  The mapping is tailored for use with MAME.

Cabinet related

Cabinet InputKeyboard
credit increase slot 15
credit increase slot 26
player 1 service button9
player 2 service button0
test buttonF2

Player input

 Player 1Player 2Player 3Player 4
Leftleft keydiKeypad 4
Rightright keygkKeypad 6
Upup keyrjKeypad 8
Downdown keyflKeypad 2
Button 1left CTRLaright CTRLKeypad 0
Button 2left ALTsright SHIFTKeypad comma
Button 3space keyqEnterKeypad enter
Button 4left SHIFTw  
Button 5ze  
Button 6xk  
Button 7cj  
Button 8vl  

*) If a shift mode is enabled, “1” will be issued upon release
**) Player 3&4 requires either a Capcom IO in 4 player mode, or a linked setup.

Changing keyboard layout

If you have special needs, or want to wire up an extra button for non-game use, you can change the keyboard mapping by editing the .ini file generated when saving the configuration.

The following keys are available:


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