Firmware Update

Firmware Update

The firmware can be updated using a standard Micro SD card.  The card must be formatted with a FAT file system.  It is not possible to ‘brick’ the Scaler – if you have a problem during an update, simply try again.

Update Procedure

  1. Download zip file below and extract to an SD card.
  2. Insert SD card 
  3. Press and hold buttons B and C 
  4. Connect USB power
  5. Release buttons
  6. LED’s will now scroll towards buttons
  7. Push button C to start firmware process
  8. LEDs will scrolling towards VGA connector when the update is complete
  9. Push button C to launch firmware, or simply disconnect and re-connect USB power


2020-06-26  Firmware

2019-12-28  Firmware

Details on firmware update

The update process has 3 stages, the LEDs will show which stage is active.  

Stage 1 – Red

Stage 1 checks the hardware, if the SD card is readable and if the checksum of the update file is correct.

Stage 2 – Green

Stage 2 clears the existing firmware on the Scaler.

Stage 3 – Blue

Stage 3 writes new firmware.  This stage takes the most time, the blue LED will blink to show progress.

Update Errors

If an error occurs during the update, an SOS pattern will show.  The SOS pattern is 3 short blinks, 3 long blinks and 3 short blinks. The color of the short blink indicates which stage the error occurred, the long blink the specific problem.

Short red, long red

The SD card is not readable, or no SD card inserted.  

Solution: try another SD card.

Short red, long green

The file system on the SD card is not recognized. 

Solution: reformat SD card with FAT, FAT32 or exFAT.

Short red, long blue

Firmware file corrupt.  Try to copy it again, or try a different SD card.

Solution: Download file again.

Short blue, long red

Problem reading firmware file during update.

Solution: the SD card likely has intermittent problems, try again or use another card.


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