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Second Iteration of the JVS-PAC 2

This is a new prototype of the next JVS-PAC.  Apart from the processor which is really fast, it has a  surprisingly readable tiny screen and two buttons. Micro-SD for firmware updates, so no need for special Windows drivers.  I’m still ‘bringing it up’ – but at least the screen works 🙂  I’ll post a note when the hardware is properly verified and I have some idea on availability schedule.

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New upscaler prototype

Making an upscaler is not for the easily discouraged, that’s for sure.  This is rev 1.3, the 4th revision of the upscaler.

Most notably for users is that input and output is clearly labeled on the PCB, as I found myself plugging input video to the output connector and vice versa.If it’s confusing to me that actually makes the thing, I’m sure it would be confusing for others too.

Most of the changes has to do with making it feasible to have it manufactured – I’ve changed the size of some components, improved the power delivery part and managed to re-arrange things so all components fit on the top side of the PCB, which should bring production cost down a bit.  It’s still in development, but hopefully (famous last words) – the hardware part is pretty much done.