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New website

Phew, migrating a website is not fun, at all. I’m now running WordPress+WooCommerce, which supports pretty much all shipping carriers, as I’ve had some issues with my current carrier and want to be able to quickly switch to another should it be necessary.

Shipping is kind-of sorted with FedEx, prices has gone up a bit – but I think it’s still on the reasonable side.

As for products & Stock, I have a case full of Jammafier 2.0 and JVS-PAC 2 boards ready.

I have just a handful of JAMMA Expanders for use with MiSTer, but I expect these to run out of stock very quickly – and I don’t think I’ll be able to restock these until the chip-shortage gets better.

If you see something odd with the new website, or during the order process – please let me know via the about->contact form.