MiSTer installation

MiSTer installation

This page describes what you must do before installing the JAMMA Expander.  I recommend doing this on a desk with a normal HDMI monitor, network cable and keyboard connected.

Required Hardware

  • DE10-Nano kit
  • Micro SD card – I use a normal 16GB card and have plenty of space left
  • 128MB SDRAM module
  • Computer with micro SD card reader
  • USB OTG adapter for connecting a keyboard (one is provided with the Expander)
  • USB keyboard
  • HDMI cable and monitor

Step 1 – Preparing the SD card

First you need to install “Mr. Fusion – Universal MiSTer installation image” on an SD card, https://github.com/MiSTer-devel/mr-fusion.  You do this from a normal computer, instructions in the link.

Step 2 – Power up and update MiSTer

For the initial setup, it’s probably best to do it on a desk with a keyboard, an ethernet cable and a normal HDMI monitor.

Boot up MiSTer, press F12, navigate to “Scripts”, and choose “update”, let it do it’s thing. You will at this point have a lot of games and consoles you can launch, but they won’t run correctly as you don’t have the required ROM files – proceed to step 3..

Step 3 – Making MiSTer useful

How MiSTer organizes cores, roms, launching files etc is a bit of a moving target and can be confusing and frustrating to set up from scratch.   Luckily, there is a script that does everything for you:


Run this script, and it should take care of making your MiSTer useful.

Step 4 – Verify that your MiSTer is working

At this point, you should have a working MiSTer and be able to launch games.

  • DO NOT proceed until you have a working MiSTer installation
  • DO NOT remap/configure inputs – this will be done in a later step.

Step 5 – Making your MiSTer cab ready

Launch the script ini_settings.sh, you can do this by pressing F12 and pressing left once MiSTer has started.  There are 4 settings you should change:

  • composite_sync=on –  JAMMA uses composite sync
  • direct_video=on  – Cores will output native resolution and colors via the HDMI port
  • bootcore=lastcore – The last game played will be launched automatically next time you power up
  • bootcore_timeout

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