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Terms & Condidtions

Terms & Conditions.

I’m not a lawyer nor a big business, but here are a few things you should be aware of:

  • The amount charged does not include tax, sales-tax or import duties
  • Products are shipped from Norway, which is not part of the EU.
  • All sales are final, no returns accepted.

I’m not an a-hole and want you to be happy with your purchase – if you have an issue, please contact me! 


I only have one shipping option, “International Priority” which is FedEx delivered to your door within a couple of days.  Unfortunately the postal system in Norway does not have a product with tracking number, or they do, but it’s more expensive than FedEx even when operating as a company.

A note on requests declaring a lower value for customs

I understand this request very well, as shippers and customs often charge ridiculous amounts in various fees and as a consumer there is nothing you can do about it – it can be quite infuriating.

However, I will not declare a low value on the commercial invoice that accompanies the shipment – the reason being that dealing with the potential complications and consequences is something I would very much like to avoid.  Irken Labs is a spare-time hobby endeavor, so I try to keep it fun and simple. 

Practical information / FAQ

You will receive a proper invoice suitable for accounting by email before your order is shipped.  The webshop and my accounting software is not integrated, so it will not be instant. 



about irken labs

What is Irken Labs?

When the original JVS-PAC reached end-of-life, I needed somewhere to put documentation about the new one – and as I also was making some new gadgets I figured it was time to make a ‘proper’ website, and this is it.  

Irken Labs is not a real company, but rather common name for the gadgets I make and sell.

Physically, it’s pretty much limited to my overcrowded desk in our apartment in central Oslo, Norway.

You can reach me by sending a message through this website.


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Hi, and welcome to my page where I cover the gadgets I make and sell.

At the moment, unfortunately nothing for sale as it’s either sold out, or work-in-progress that is not ready yet.  

2018-03-14 Update

Third prototype for Jammafier PCB’s ordered.  The Jammafier will be shipped with an acrylic top cover, a prototype should arrive shortly.

2018-03-03 Update

Second prototype for Jammafier PCB’s ordered.  

2018-01-03 Update

Jammafier – WIP, first batch planned for early 2018

JVS-PAC2 – WIP, likely to be available after the Jammafier

Retro Scaler A1 – WIP, likely last to be available, mostly because of high production cost 

JVS-PAC – End-of-life, no more stock