Known issues / FAQ

SD-Card insertion while unit is powered on

Depending on the PC connected to the JVS-PAC 2, you may experience that the unit freezes if you insert an SD-card while powered.  Fix is to simply insert the SD-card before connecting unit to PC.

Saving configuration doesn’t work

There is a known bug affacting writing to cards formatted with exFat.  Workaround is to reformat card, fat32 etc is ok.


Do I need more than one JVS-PAC 2 for a cabinet with 2 players?

No you do not, the JVS-PAC 2 talks with the IO board and reads both players.  With cabinet linking or the Capcom IO, you get up to 4 players from the same JVS-PAC 2.

Does it support cabinet analog controls?

At the moment no, i.e. it won’t be of much use in racing cabs and the like.  It is however planned in a future firmware update.

Can this be used with XBOX 360?

No it can’t.  Microsoft has locked down their peripherals with hard crypto to ensure license revenues from 3rd parties.

Can this be used with the PS3?

At the moment, no.

Can this be used with the PS4?

Unfortunately no.

Is xinput supported?

Unfortunately not.  ‘xinput’ is a non-documented variation of standard USB HID.  The changes made and lack of documentation can only be attributed to Microsoft wanting to secure 3d party license revenues.  Making the JVS-PAC 2 do xinput would mean heavy modification of the core USB code, and would likely be limited on a single controller, in short a big hack that’s not very attractive to implement.

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