Cabinet recommendations

Sega Net City, New Net City (NNC), Tri-Sync CRT cabinets

With the Jammafier 2.0, you got everything you need. If you see a bit of geometry distortion, try switching between C and HV sync. Toshiba monitors seem to prefer HV sync, while Sanwa PFX seem to prefer C sync.

Taito Vewlix, Namco Noir, LCD cabinets in general

The RetroTink 5X pro, especially with later firmware versions, is a good alternative for LCD cabinets.

In addition to the 5X, you will need a SCART cable. I recommend the “Analogue Nt mini / DAC / MiSTer FPGA Project PACKAPUNCH PRO RGB SCART Cable“, as it has the right connectors, and a resistor on the sync line that brings the sync level down to SCART levels.

Sync must be set to C-sync (default), and you can power the 5X directly from the Jammafier.

Jammafier 2.0, RetoTInk 5X, SCART from RetroGamingCables

Sega Naomi Universal

The Naomi Universal cabinets are 31kHz/VGA only, so you will need a scaler for JAMMA video. The Retro Scaler A1 is purpose built for JAMMA games and perfect companion. With Rev 2.0 of the Jammafier, set video to “JAMMA”. You can power the A1 directly from the Jammafier.

Jammafier 2.0 with Retro Scaler A1

Namco CyberLead / Namco Cyber Lead II / Konami Windy II

These cabinets are a little technical, as they were built to support both JVS and JAMMA games. From the factory they came with a Jamma converter like the Jammafier. If your cab is missing this converter, or if it’s broken – you can use a Jammafier as a replacement.

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