JAMMA Expander FAQ

What do I need in addition to the JAMMA Expander?

You need a DE10-Nano Kit, and a 128MB SDRAM module.  

Why is there no fan on the expander, do I need fan?

The DE10-Nano does not need a fan.  Neither Intel who makes the FPGA nor Terasic who makes the DE10-Nano has a fan in their designs.  The Intel Cyclone® V SE 5CSEBA6U23I7 has an operating temperature up to 100C/212F.  If you normally buy 500 USD gold plated network cables with an outer jacket of unobtanium, kissed by virgins and washed in purified water from a glacier – go ahead and add a fan 🙂

Is the DC connector JST-VL or JST-VH?

On PCB’s with serial numbers up to 101, the marking on the PCB is wrong.  The connector used is JST-VH




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