Tested Sources

Systems with issues 

Atomiswave – analog bypass

It has been reported that analog bypass of Atomiswave when in 31k mode does not work properly.

Toaplan 2

Some Toaplan 2 not lock properly, and display a distorted image on CRT monitors and likely no image on an LCD monitor.  The root cause of this is that the irregular sync period is not a multiple of normal lines.  It is normal for sync lengths around vsync to be irregular, but the sum of them are a multiple of normal lines.  Because of this irregularity with Batsugun, first visible lines of the image are not ‘where they are supposed to be’, and the scaler has trouble displaying this correctly.  It is not confirmed, but it is suspected that this is the same issue the OSSC has.  Gamed tested not working with the Retro Scaler A1 are:

  • Batsugun
  • Dogyuun
  • V-V/Grind Stormer

OSSC Reference: https://shmups.system11.org/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=65035

Taito Fighting Hawk

Does not work correctly with the A1, for (so far) unknown reasons.


SystemMods/CableIssuesTester & Date
Sony PS1 (phat) the monitor goes on/off all the time, SyncMaster 210T2020-01-02 Vendest

StarTech Component to VGA Video Converter

Part number CPNT2VGAA.  This unit is believed to output positive v-sync, which is not compatible with the A1.  The A1 will only work with negative sync.


Systems with degradation


SystemMods/CableIssuesTester & Date
Nintendo Famicom HVC101NESRGB modSlight bowing/shimmer upper right corner2019-12-21 InvZim& geekmiki
Sony Playstation 2, US (Fat, 39001)via Extron Crosspoint 300240p input (e.g. Playstation 1 games): perfect and crystal clear, 480i: horrid result.2020-03-23 Mattia

Systems without issues

31K systems, analog bypass

Taito Type X – analog bypass

Sega Naomi – analog bypass

Tatsunoko vs Capcom – analog bypass, tested by wigsplitta


ManufacturerSystem / versionMods/CableNotesTester & Date
Apple IIGSManilla Gear VGA adapterCSYNC out2019-12-28 sammargh
CommodoreAmiga 1200  2021-10-09 sammargh
Microsoft Xboxvia gscartsw 2020-01-04 BroadwayJose
NEC PcEngine CoreGraphicsSD system 3 from TerraOnionSource is a little noisy by nature2019-12-21 geekmiki
Nintendo AV FamicomNESRGB, csync and OEM cables 2019-12-28 sammargh
Nintendo N64 A few vertical lines, could be LCD related2020-01-02 Vendest
NintendoSuper Famicom NTSC Jap RGB-02via Extron Crosspoint 300 2020-03-23 Mattia 
NintendoSuper Famicom NTSC Jap 1-Chipvia Extron Crosspoint 300 2020-03-23 Mattia  
Sega DreamcastPAL hardware, stock RGB scartall modes and tests in 240p suite2019-12-21 InvZim
Sega Game GearMcWill VGA mod – CSYNC out 2020-01-02 sammargh
Sega Mega Drive V1RGB scart from retrogamingcables.co.uk 2019-12-21 InvZim& geekmiki
Sega Saturn “It’s perfect w/o any noise”2020-01-02 Vendest
SegaSaturn NTSC US Model 2via Extron Crosspoint 300 2020-03-23 Mattia  
SharpX68000  2021-10-09 sammargh
SNKNeo-Geo AES NTSC Japvia Extron Crosspoint 300 2020-03-23 Mattia  
SNKSNK Neo-Geo CDZvia Extron Crosspoint 300 2020-03-23 Mattia  
SonyHB-F1XV MSX2+via Sync Slayer II 2021-10-09 sammargh

Arcade Games

Caveat for Vewlix owners – the LCD in one or more models of the Vewlix, particularly the Diamond variety, may not process the scaled output of the A1 properly or at all for some of the titles below. The majority of titles work without issues.

ManufacturerGameNotesTester & Date
AtariDig Dug 2019-12-19 InvZim
AtariPit Fighter 2020-01-09 wigsplitta
AtlusPower Instinct 2020-05-05 radiantsvgun
BanprestoPretty Soldier Sailor Moon 2019-12-21 rtw
BanprestoSuper Spacefortress Macross 2019-12-19 InvZim
BootlegBubble Bobble 2019-12-19 InvZim
BootlegGhost’n Goblins 2019-12-19 InvZim
BrezzasoftCrystal SystemThe Crystal Of Kings2020-01-14 rtw
BrezzasoftCrystal SystemAll titles2020-03-26 Derick2k
CapcomCommando Hardware1943 – syncs OK, has pixel noise, could be LCD2019-12-21 rtw
CapcomCommando HardwareBlack Tiger2019-01-07 8bitforlife
CapcomCommando HardwareCommando2019-12-19 InvZim
CapcomCPS-1Three Wonders2019-12-21 rtw
CapcomCPS-1.5The Punisher2019-12-24 Wigsplitta
CapcomCPS-2Progear2019-12-19 InvZim
CapcomCPS2 ‘All-in-One’ BlackHSF2: AE2020-01-03 wigsplitta
CapcomCPS-3SF3 Third Strike2020-01-03 wigsplitta
CapcomSide Arms 2019-12-19 InvZim
CapcomStreet Fighter The Movie 2020-03-17 Derick2k
Cave68000 HardwareDangun Feveron2019-12-21 rtw
Cave68000 HardwareDonpachi2020-01-09 wigsplitta
CaveCV-1000Espgaluda II, ok on CRT and LCD2019-12-21 InvZim

Pink Sweets – very slight bowing in top right corner when screen is bright on LCD, not present on CRT.  GIF showing issue on LCD.

2019-12-21 rtw
CaveKetsui 2019-12-20 rtw
Data EastDeco32Night Slashers2019-12-21 rtw
Data EastMagical Drop 2020-05-05 radiantsvgun
Data EastNitro Ball 2019-20-21 rtw
GaelcoWorld Rally ChampionshipAtari License2020-01-06 wigsplitta
IGSPolyGame Master (PGM)The Gladiator2020-04-28 radiantsvgun
IGSPolyGame Master (PGM)Knights Of Valor2020-01-14 rtw
IGSPolyGame Master 2 (PGM2)DoDonPachi Dai Ou Jou Tamashii2020-05-05 radiantsvgun
IGSPolyGame Master 2 (PGM2)Knights of Valour 3 / Sangoku Senki 32020-05-05 radiantsvgun
IGSPolyGame Master 2 (PGM2)Oriental Legend 22020-05-05 radiantsvgun
IremKung-Fu Mastergame by itself has a little noisy video2019-12-19 InvZim
IremM72Dragon Breed2019-12-20 rtw
IremM72R-Type2019-12-20 rtw
IremM72X-multiply2020-01-07 Joe
IremM77Kickle Cubicle2020-01-09 rtw
IremM84R-Type 22019-12-19 InvZim
IremM92In The Hunt2020-05-05 radiantsvgun
IremMoon Patrolgame by itself has a little noisy video2019-12-19 InvZim
JalecoMega System 32P-47 Aces 2020-02-15 rtw
KanekoB.Rap Boys 2020-04-28 radiantsvgun
KanekoDJ Boy 2020-05-05 radiantsvgun 
KanekoGals Panic 2019-12-21 rtw
KanekoSuper Nova SystemCyvern2019-12-21 rtw
KonamiGradius II 2019-12-19 InvZim
KonamiGX systemWinning Spike2019-12-19 InvZim
KonamiNemesis (Gradius) 2019-12-19 InvZim
KonamiLife Force / Salamander 2019-12-19 InvZim
KonamiMartial Champion 2020-04-28 radiantsvgun
KonamiMetamorphic Force 2020-04-28 radiantsvgun
KonamiMystic Warriors 2020-04-28 radiantsvgun
KonamiTMNT based HWAliens2020-01-06 Joe
KonamiTMNT based HWTMNT2020-01-06 wigsplitta
KonamiTMNT based HWSunset Riders2020-01-06 wigsplitta
KonamiX-Men based HWCrime Fighters 22020-01-06 wigsplitta
KonamiXexex 2020-01-07 rtw
MetroLast Fortress 2019-12-21 rtw
MidwayMidway Y UnitMortal Kombat2020-01-03 wigsplitta
MidwayMidway T UnitMortal Kombat 22019-12-19 InvZim
MidwayMidway Wolf UnitUltimate Mortal Kombat 32019-12-19 InvZim
NamcoNA-1Fighter & Attacker2020-01-07 8bitforlife
NamcoNA-1Emeralda2019-12-21 rtw
Namco System 1Dragon Spirit2020-01-07 rtw
NamcoSystem 2Valkyrie2019-12-21 rtw
NamcoSystem 2Phelios, Dragon Saber, Burning Force2020-04-28 radiantsvgun
NamcoSystem 10Mr. Driller G2019-12-19 InvZim
NamcoSystem 11Tekken 22020-01-07 8bitforlife
Namco System 11Dancing Eyes2020-05-05 radiantsvgun
Namcosystem 12Tekken 3 – interlace and non-interlace video2019-12-19 InvZim
NamcoValkyrie 2019-12-21 rtw
NMKGunNail 2019-12-21 rtw
NichibutsuTerra Force 2019-12-21 rtw
NintendoNintendo Super SystemSuper Mario World2019-01-09 wigsplitta
PsikyoStrikers 1999 (Strikers 1945 III) 2019-12-19 InvZim
SegaC-2 Puyo Puyo2019-12-20 rtw
SegaC-2Thunder Force AC2020-01-06 wigsplitta
SegaST-VWinter Heat, interlace and non-interlace video).2019-12-19 InvZim
SegaSystem 2Choplifter2020-04-28 radiantsvgun
SegaSystem 16Shinobi2019-12-21 rtw
SegaSystem 18Michael Jackson’s Moonwalker2020-01-07 Joe
SetaAleck64Tower & Shaft2021-01-25 rtw
Seta, Sammy, ViscoSSV systemVasara2019-12-21 rtw
SeibuRaiden DX 2019-12-21 rtw
SeibuSPIRaiden Fighters2019-12-20 rtw
SNKMV-1A (NeoGeo MVS)Puzzle Bobble2019-12-19 InvZim
SNKHyper NeoGeo 64Buriki One2020-04-04 Rave Pants
SNKHyper NeoGeo 64Fatal Fury: Wild Ambition2020-04-04 Rave Pants
SNKHyper NeoGeo 64Samurai Spirits 22020-04-04 Rave Pants
SNK PlaymoreNEO-MVH MVOSVC Chaos: SNK vs Capcom2020-01-16 wigsplitta
TaitoArkanoid – Revenge of DOH 2019-12-19 InvZim
TaitoTaito F2 system
Metal Black
2019-12-21 rtw
TaitoTaito F2 system
2020-03-26 Derick2k
TaitoTaito F2 system
The Final Blow
2020-05-05 radiantsvgun
TaitoTaito F3 system
Bubble Memories, Darksoft F3 multi
2019-12-20 rtw
TaitoTaito G-net systemSuper Puzzle Bobble2019-12-19 InvZim
TaitoTruxton / Tatsujin 2019-12-19 InvZim
TaitoVolfiedmissing some lines on LCD, ok on CRT2019-12-21 rtw
TaitoWardner 2020-02-28 Thchardcore
TechnosDouble Dragon II 2020-04-29 radiantsvgun
TechnosRenegade 2020-04-28 radiantsvgun
TechnosWrestlefest 2020-01-06 wigsplitta
TechnosoftHyper Duel 2020-02-28 Thchardcore
TecmoNinja Gaiden 2020-01-07 8bitforlife
ToaplanSnow Bros. 2020-01-03 wigsplitta
ToaplanTiger Heli 2020-04-28 radiantsvgun
ToaplanVersion 1 HWOutzone2019-12-21 rtw
ToaplanVersion 2 HWArmed Police Batrider2020-04-28 radiantsvgun
ToaplanVersion 2 HWTruxton II / Tatsujin Oh2020-04-28 radiantsvgun
TehkanBomb Jack 2019-12-19 InvZim

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