Joysticks & Buttons


The Expander presents itself to the DE10-Nano as a keyboard with standard MAME button mapping by default, this will work with most of the arcade cores without any further configuration or mapping.

Use the joystick to navigate menus, then press button 3 to launch a game.

Interacting with MiSTer

The JAMMA Expander is designed with 3 use scenarios in mind:

  • All options – you can bring up the MiSTer menu change settings
  • Core only – you switch games from your cab, but nothing else
  • PCB replacement – no interaction with MiSTer menus
Combo 1P Start+Resulting KeyMiSTer functionAll optionsCore only
(Hold 1P Start for 2+ seconds)ALT+F12Core menuXX
LeftEnterAccept a changeX 
RightF12Settings menuX 
UpVolume IncrementIncrease global volumeX 
DownVolume DecrementDecrease global volumeX 

Toggling the ‘USER LOCK’ switch to enable will set the expander to PCB replacement mode, this can be done on the fly. The idea is to set up the cabinet, then flip the ‘USER LOCK’ switch to avoid users accidentally making changes or changing games.  If ‘USER LOCK’ is enabled, it will show on the OLED display.

Troubleshooting input

If you’re having input issues, you should first check your cabinet – there may be stuck buttons you don’t know about that will interfere with MiSTer.  You can do this by navigating to the input diagnostics screen, any switches that are pressed will show up as highlighted.  In this example, the test switch is pressed.  

Troubleshooting Video

If you get a garbled picture, there is a good chance the Expander is blocking the sync signal, the OLED will then read “SyncGuard block”.  This is to protect your CRT from non-compliant sync signals.

You can navigate to the Video Input screen to get details on what MiSTer is sending.

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