Cabinet Linking

Cabinet Linking

The Jammafier supports JVS cabinet linking.  This is typically used for fighter games where each player will use a dedicated cabinet, while the actual game is located in the primary cabinet.


If your primary IO has a slave port, connect JVS cable from secondary cabinet to this port.  An easy way to do this is to use a passive USB extension cable.

There is no configuration on the Jammafier – if it sees a secondary IO it will enable Cabinet Linking.

Link logic

  • Player 1 inputs on secondary cabinet will be player 2 on primary cabinet.
  • Player 2 inputs on both cabinets are ignored.
  • Primary and secondary non-player input will be merged, i.e coin1 on secondary will be coin1 on Jamma edge.


  • Primary IO board must have a slave port
  • Secondary cabinet must be powered if link cable is connected.


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