Firmware Update

Firmware update

The firmware can be updated using a standard Micro SD card. The card must be formatted with a FAT file system.  It is not possible to ‘brick’ or damage the unit during firmware update, if you experience an error – simply try again.

Download zip file below, and extract file to root of sd card.

Update procedure

  • Power off system
  • Insert SD card into Jamma Expader
  • Press and hold both A and B button
  • Power on system, MiSTer (not stock DE10 software) needs to run on the DE10 for the Expander to be powered reliably during update.
  • Follow instructions on screen

Instead of powering off/on system, you can also disconnect/reconnect the DC jack on the DE10-nano.

Firmware, all revisions

Will be published here when available, and generally announced on Twitter if it’s something major/important.

2023-09-16 – Fixes/improvements in this release

  • Missing pull-up values on some SDIO lines causing instability writing config to SD card.

2023-09-14 – Fixes/improvements in this release

  • New USB stack and surrounding code reworked from scratch, everyone is encouraged to update
  • Libraries and build-tools updated

2022-12-08 – Fixes/improvements in this release

  • Minor changes required for Expander PCB rev 2.0

2022-12-04 – Fixes/improvements in this release

  • VGA setting for Sync-guard now actually works
  • A condition where inputs could get ‘stuck’ in keyboard mode

2022-04-29 – Fixes/improvements in this release

  • USB mode saving fixed, it can now boot to gamepad mode

2021-12-22 – Fixes/improvements in this release

  • Relaxed voltage tolerances on startup
  • More intuitive voltage error screen
  • Configurable sync-guard

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