MiSTer JVS Expander

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The JVS Expander is a great solution for using the DE10-nano MiSTer in a JVS arcade cabinet.  If you have a DE10-Nano and an SDRAM module, the JVS Expander is the only missing piece.

Works with CRT and LCD cabinets, comes with all necessary cables and screws.


  • Common connectors for JVS cabinets (Power, Audio, Video, JVS)
  • 24 bit RGB video DAC for analog video
  • I2S DAC for analog audio, from HDMI or directly from DE10-nano
  • 3 port current limited USB HUB (480 Mbit/s)

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  • JVS Expander PCB
  • 18 AWG silicone DC cable for DE10-nano
  • HDMI loopback cable
  • USB-OTG cable
  • I2S header cable (only needed for LCD cabinets)
  • 4xM3 screws to secure your DE10-nano board



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Dimensions18 × 18 × 3 cm