Retro Scaler A1

kr 2,000.00

Video scaler purpose built for JAMMA boards with unique features, perfect for CRT/VGA monitors.

  • 30 bit high quality ADC video input, 30 bit high quality DAC video output
  • Dedicated sync stage to deal with tricky systems
  • Sync Analytics with automatic configuration, no user settings needed
  • Analog pre-adc gain stage with 512 steps to accommodate non-standard signal strength
  • Console/Computer AND Arcade/Jamma level RGB input
  • Scart type sync input
  • TTL/Jamma/Computer sync input
  • c-sync and h/v sync, only negative – most systems use negative sync.
  • 5 levels of scan-lines, from none to heavy.
  • Interlaced NTSC 480i and PAL 576i support
  • Automatic analog bypass of RGB – it does not touch the video signals from 31K sources

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