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Jammafiers back in stock!

They actually came back in stock a week ago, but I've been too busy to actually write about it. 

New in this version is that you can enable/disable 5V for the Tri-Sync Helper with a switch instead of a solder jumper.  There are a few other differences as well, like the type of OLED screen used - but nothing that affects the use or performance of the device.

The reason this article is a bit late is that the response has been incredible, in a week I have shipped over 50 of these - I was hoping for maybe 20.  It got to the point where I ran out of FedEx shipping supplies, and a few orders got delayed a couple of days.

Another thing I was not prepared for was the demand for Tri-Sync Helpers, I had 18 in stock prepared - but they went away in a day.  The Tri-Sync Helper is the only product still made manually, and to make matters worse - it actually has a quite a few components on it despite it's size.  To resolve this shortage, I'm currently investigating if they can be professionally assembled.  It may be a little tricky as the pins of the VGA connector is pretty close to other components - no problem if done by hand, but may pose an issue for automatic assembly.  I will know more in a week or so.  If you're interested in a Tri-Sync Helper, please drop me a message via the contacts page and I will add your name to a notify list so you will be notified by email once they are available.

Lastly, DO CHECK OUT the bundle promotion consisting of a Jammafier & Retro Scaler A1 - it's in my opinion the perfect combo for VGA only JVS cabs like the Naomi Universal.



JVS-PAC 2 back in stock!

JVS-PAC 2's are now back in stock - assembly of the OLED screens went a lot quicker on this batch as I had a jig to hold the OLED's in place while soldering.

Get yours while supplies last :)

COVID-19/Coronavirus Update

This is a post about availability of the Jammafier and the JVS-PAC 2, but not one I expected to write.

Because of the tragic virus outbreak in China, both JVS-PAC 2 and Jammafier production is delayed.  As the situation is still unfolding and far from over, speculation on my part is moot.  One could easily get the impression from the news that it would be back to business as usual after the extended holiday ended 10th of February - this is not the case.  Latest update I have from the assembly house I use is that they hope to get to business around February 25th.

In addition to PCB manufacture and assembly, the OLED screens and the protective acrylics I use is also sourced from China.

My thoughts go out to the people affected by this virus, which is not me and most likely not you.