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JVS-PAC 2 back in stock!

JVS-PAC 2's are now back in stock - assembly of the OLED screens went a lot quicker on this batch as I had a jig to hold the OLED's in place while soldering.

Get yours while supplies last :)

COVID-19/Coronavirus Update

This is a post about availability of the Jammafier and the JVS-PAC 2, but not one I expected to write.

Because of the tragic virus outbreak in China, both JVS-PAC 2 and Jammafier production is delayed.  As the situation is still unfolding and far from over, speculation on my part is moot.  One could easily get the impression from the news that it would be back to business as usual after the extended holiday ended 10th of February - this is not the case.  Latest update I have from the assembly house I use is that they hope to get to business around February 25th.

In addition to PCB manufacture and assembly, the OLED screens and the protective acrylics I use is also sourced from China.

My thoughts go out to the people affected by this virus, which is not me and most likely not you.

Winter update

Another production run of Jammafiers is in the works.   Thanks to all who followed my request and sent me a message expressing interest.  I have completed the layout for a new revision and I'm waiting for the prototype PCB's.  The only real change for users is a toggle switch to enable/disable 5V for the Tri-Sync Helper, no longer a need to solder/de-solder.  When it comes to production, this revision will have the screen attached via an FPC connector - which will make it look a bit more 'pro', and it's one less thing to solder by hand.

JVS-PAC 2 stock is getting really low.  Demand has been also been low lately, with only 1 unit shipped out in December.  Nevertheless, I've initiated another production run of these and expect them to be ready within a couple of months.

The release of the Scaler went pretty smooth with no big surprises, although I have a suspicion that something is up with the bypass feature.  I have conflicting reports on analog bypass on Atomiswave, so will investigate this to see if there are any issues.

If you bought the Scaler and like it, please help 'spread the word', it's a very niche product and a success report with a photograph means helps me more than you may think!  If you have used the Scaler with a system not listed on the tested sources page, drop me a line with your preferred name/nick for credit and I will add it.