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(MiSTer) DE10-Nano JAMMA Expander

It seems like everyone and their mother is working on a different types of JAMMA solutions for the MiSTer project, and I am too 🙂


I haven’t settled 100% on a name yet, but for now the working title is simply “JAMMA Expander”, as it expands the DE10-nano to work in a JAMMA cabinet.  It doesn’t have a zillion features, but aims to make running MiSTer in a cabinet as easy and clean as possible.  If you want a really good “multi-pcb” for use in a cabinet, but don’t feel like a taking on a project – this may be the board for you. 

This board uses the HDMI output of the MISTer, so both video and audio will be as good as it can get.

Some specs

  • 24 bit color, coupled with a high quality DAC and RGB amplification.
  • It has a decent audio amplifier for MONO audio, but you can also toggle a switch to get line level stereo via RCA if you have a stereo amplifier in your cab.
  • Hassle-free firmware updates via micro-SD, very much the same way as the Jammafier and the JVS-PAC 2
  • an OLED for diagnostics

You mount the DE10 on top of this board, not under – so fitting it in a cab should be very simple, and it’s also easy to remove the DE10 should you want to use it for something else.

Availability should be sometime this summer ;), price is TBD.