Hi, and welcome to my page where I cover the gadgets I make and sell.  

Updates and random info below. I also post a few updates on https://twitter.com/IrkenLabs.

Fall update 2020

There has been close to zero R&D last few months, and it will unfortunately continue like that until sometime in December.  I started a new job this summer, and right now I'm in the middle of moving out of our apartment in the city centre  to a proper house with garden on the outside.  I will miss having coffee shops and stores minutes away by foot, but look forward to having a dedicated office/lab, garage, garden etc.  As if that wasn't enough, I'm also getting my drivers license and a car, which is kind of a thorough process here in Norway.  Anyway, I expect to be done with all of this in December.

Store closing 1 - 15 October

I'm away on business a couple of weeks, and instead of getting a backlog of unshipped orders I will simply close the online store the first weeks of October.  The store will likely also close for a week or two in November.


I've gotten a few emails about JVS-PAC 2 not working with MiSTer, and I can confirm it is indeed problematic at this point.  I got a MiSTer setup myself, and I'm positive that it will work some time in the future.  

A possible fix/workaround will be to implement the planned gamepad mode for the JVS-PAC 2, but given all the problem-reports I've been reading for a lot of different devices this is just a theory.  A good test to check if a setup is working properly is to load up a 2 player 6 button game, enter test mode and press all buttons for all players at the same time, while move the joysticks around.  I expect this simple test would reveal issues with a lot of MiSTer setups..

From my perspective, the problem is mostly with the input model of MiSTer, they could learn a couple of lessons form the MAME project..

Stock levels

Except the A1 scaler, no stock shortage in sight for the foreseeable future.  I've initiated another run of the A1 scalers, but may run out of stock until it's completed.


Website moved to a new server

Everything looks like it's working OK, PLEASE let me know if you spot any errors.


Summer Update 2020

The tri-sync helpers are finally back in stock.  I'll be the first to admit that the utility of the Tri-Sync Helper may not have been communicated very clearly, and may be a source of confusion unless you already ran into problems and have spent some time researching solutions.  I'll try to update the website to make it easier to understand if you need one or not.

For now, it's an add-on to the Jammafier to that provides a more standard video signal from Arcade boards - this is useful for Tri-Sync CRT owners and people using the OSSC upscaler.

The arrival of the manufactured Tri-Sync Helpers (TSH), marks a couple of important milestones:

  • All products are in stock at the same time
  • All products are professionally manufactured

 It may seem trivial to keep stuff in stock, but for the type of niche products I sell it's actually a little tricky for a few reasons

  • Parts sourcing, minimum order quantity(MOQ), and time when doing manual assembly
  • MOQ for having things manufactured
  • Low and sporadic sales volume

Hopefully, having everything in stock will give me better data about actual demand so I can plan accordingly, I have already initiated another production run of the Jammafiers.

The Corona/Covid situation seems to have calmed down a bit in this part of the world, and I'm happy to report that FedEx shipping is back to it's snappy normal service.

To all existing and new customers, thanks for your support and have a great summer!