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JVS-PAC 2 open for order!

I've just opened up sales for the JVS-PAC 2.  Real-life obligations have delayed this a bit, but now it's finally available.  

If you consider getting one, please read through the Introduction and (especially the disclaimer) and have a look at the FAQ.  In theory, it should work with pretty much everything that supports a keyboard - but no guarantees.  If you do something special with it, I would love to hear about it though.

I'm working on a new MAME build, and it seems the path of least resistance that gives the best results is to use a fresh install of Windows 7, attract-mode for front-end and most likely GroovyMame. 

Perfect is the enemy of good - JVS-PAC 2 in progress..

While having coffee the other day, jotting down notes as I usually do, I got into thinking about all the unresolved issues surrounding the JVS-PAC 2.  I started writing down these issues, and upon looking at what I had written I came to the realization that these are not show-stopping road-blocks at all but more in the 'fancy features' category.  I've been getting a few requests for JVS-PAC's in the last few months, and none of them were for specific JVS-PAC 2 features - most people simply want something that 'just works' like the old JVS-PAC.  Clearly, there is only one logical thing to do - which is to get the JVS-PAC 2 into production as quickly as possible, and that is exactly what I'm doing. 

At first it will likely have just the MAME features of the original, which should get the job done for most people :).  Firmware update is really fast easy though, and I still want to make it easy to use with steam titles - but this intention will not stand in the way of people just wanting to play Mame in their JVS cabinets.

The assembly houses operate with a 5-6 week lead time, and with Chinese new year holiday coming up I don't have a specific date, but if I suspect within a couple of months.

There will be no pre-orders or preferred order processing, but unless I have totally misjudged the demand there should be enough units for everyone.

Christmas update


Happy holidays everyone!  2018 has been interesting, moving to a new web site and getting the Jammafier and tri-sync helper out.  2019 should see the completion and availability of the JVS-PAC2, and hopefully the scaler.


I got parts for 10 units just before the holidays kicked in and should have them ready for shipping early 2019.  Apart from implementing a screen-saver to conserve the life of the OLED, I think this project is mostly done and I'm very happy about the reception and support it has gotten.  The initial inrush of orders has calmed down a bit, but I plan on having this available on a continuous basis - real-life obligations permitting.  I've enabled stock counting in the store, which either shows stock available or units not already sold in an imminent production run.

One big issue with the Jammafier is the time it takes to assemble it, it has a lot of parts that require manual soldering.  I got another 40 Jamma edge connectors, the hardest part to source, and when those are gone I'm done with manual assembly.  If there is still demand, I will look into having it assembled in China.

Retro Scaler A1

I got both the PCB's and parts for a new revision just before the holidays, and have spent a few nights playing wit it.  Acouple of my arcade PCB's are very noisy so in the revision I wanted to try a selectable low-pass-filter (LPF) to see if it would make a big difference - it didn't.  It's an improvement, but not sure if it's worth the added cost.  Firmware is pretty much the same between rev 1.4 and rev 1.3, so I don't have to make a decision right now.  The 240p test suite http://junkerhq.net/xrgb/index.php?title=240p_test_suite, has proven quite useful in exposing some oddities with the ADC I'm using.  All tests look really good, only thing I haven't figured out yet is PAL interlace (625i).

My goal when I set out to make this was to make something as good as or better than the XRGB2 for arcade games, and I'm happy to say that this thing is way better when it comes to image quality.  I hope to have it 'out' in 2019, which is about time - I've been messing with this thing for years.  Apart from a firmware development, the big hurdle is manufacturing cost. I hope revenue from the Jammafier and JVS-PAC2 will contribute to making this a reality.


Sorry for the delay on this one, I do appreciate getting requests for it though.  I will not do manual batches  apart from an initial proto-type testing batch, but rather go straight to having them manufactured in China like the red original JVS-PAC's.  So when it's finally available, it should be available :)  At least that's the plan.  It's based on the code and hardware of the Jammafier, so it should not take too long. Stay tuned..