Hi, and welcome to my page where I cover the gadgets I make and sell.  

Updates and random info below. I also post a few updates on https://twitter.com/IrkenLabs.

The last Jammafier (for now)

The Jammafier with serial number 100 marks the end of general availability of the Jammafier for now.   Due to real-life obligations (just had my first kid), spending hours and hours in a single sitting to assembling these is just not on the table right now.  

I hope to have them back in stock in the future if there is still demand (send me a message!), but it won't happen for a few months, realistically we're looking at 2020.  The JVS-PAC 2's are a different story, as they are professionally assembled by a 3rd party.  This will also be how new Jammafiers will be made.  One of the reasons I don't do this right away is that all available funds and time will be used towards making the Retro Scaler A1 finished and available - and pending how much time I got available, I hope to have it 'out' in 2019.

JVS-PAC 2 open for order!

I've just opened up sales for the JVS-PAC 2.  Real-life obligations have delayed this a bit, but now it's finally available.  

If you consider getting one, please read through the Introduction and (especially the disclaimer) and have a look at the FAQ.  In theory, it should work with pretty much everything that supports a keyboard - but no guarantees.  If you do something special with it, I would love to hear about it though.

I'm working on a new MAME build, and it seems the path of least resistance that gives the best results is to use a fresh install of Windows 7, attract-mode for front-end and most likely GroovyMame. 

Perfect is the enemy of good - JVS-PAC 2 in progress..

While having coffee the other day, jotting down notes as I usually do, I got into thinking about all the unresolved issues surrounding the JVS-PAC 2.  I started writing down these issues, and upon looking at what I had written I came to the realization that these are not show-stopping road-blocks at all but more in the 'fancy features' category.  I've been getting a few requests for JVS-PAC's in the last few months, and none of them were for specific JVS-PAC 2 features - most people simply want something that 'just works' like the old JVS-PAC.  Clearly, there is only one logical thing to do - which is to get the JVS-PAC 2 into production as quickly as possible, and that is exactly what I'm doing. 

At first it will likely have just the MAME features of the original, which should get the job done for most people :).  Firmware update is really fast easy though, and I still want to make it easy to use with steam titles - but this intention will not stand in the way of people just wanting to play Mame in their JVS cabinets.

The assembly houses operate with a 5-6 week lead time, and with Chinese new year holiday coming up I don't have a specific date, but if I suspect within a couple of months.

There will be no pre-orders or preferred order processing, but unless I have totally misjudged the demand there should be enough units for everyone.