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The last Jammafier (for now)

The Jammafier with serial number 100 marks the end of general availability of the Jammafier for now.   Due to real-life obligations (just had my first kid), spending hours and hours in a single sitting to assembling these is just not on the table right now.  

I hope to have them back in stock in the future if there is still demand (send me a message!), but it won’t happen for a few months, realistically we’re looking at 2020.  The JVS-PAC 2’s are a different story, as they are professionally assembled by a 3rd party.  This will also be how new Jammafiers will be made.  One of the reasons I don’t do this right away is that all available funds and time will be used towards making the Retro Scaler A1 finished and available – and pending how much time I got available, I hope to have it ‘out’ in 2019.