Systems with issues 

Atomiswave - analog bypass

It has been reported that analog bypass of Atomiswave when in 31k mode does not work properly.

Toaplan 2

Some Toaplan 2 not lock properly, and display a distorted image on CRT monitors and likely no image on an LCD monitor.  The root cause of this is that the irregular sync period is not a multiple of normal lines.  It is normal for sync lengths around vsync to be irregular, but the sum of them are a multiple of normal lines.  Because of this irregularity with Batsugun, first visible lines of the image are not 'where they are supposed to be', and the scaler has trouble displaying this correctly.  It is not confirmed, but it is suspected that this is the same issue the OSSC has.  Gamed tested not working with the Retro Scaler A1 are:

  • Batsugun
  • Dogyuun
  • V-V/Grind Stormer

OSSC Reference:


System Mods/Cable Issues Tester & Date
Sony HB-F1XV MSX2+   Seems to loose sync 2019-12-28 sammargh
Sony PS1 (phat)   the monitor goes on/off all the time, SyncMaster 210T 2020-01-02 Vendest

Systems with degradation


System Mods/Cable Issues Tester & Date
Nintendo Famicom HVC101 NESRGB mod Slight bowing/shimmer upper right corner 2019-12-21 InvZim& geekmiki

Systems without issues

31K systems, analog bypass

Taito Type X - analog bypass

Sega Naomi - analog bypass

Tatsunoko vs Capcom - analog bypass, tested by wigsplitta


System Mods/Cable Notes Tester & Date
Apple IIGS Manilla Gear VGA adapter CSYNC out 2019-12-28 sammargh
Microsoft Xbox via gscartsw   2020-01-04 BroadwayJose
NEC PcEngine CoreGraphics SD system 3 from TerraOnion Source is a little noisy by nature 2019-12-21 InvZim& geekmiki
Nintendo AV Famicom NESRGB, csync and OEM cables   2019-12-28 sammargh
Nintendo N64   A few vertical lines, could be LCD related 2020-01-02 Vendest
Sega Dreamcast PAL hardware, stock RGB scart all modes and tests in 240p suite 2019-12-21 InvZim
Sega Game Gear McWill VGA mod - CSYNC out   2020-01-02 sammargh
Sega Mega Drive V1 RGB scart from   2019-12-21 InvZim& geekmiki
Sega Saturn   "It's perfect w/o any noise" 2020-01-02 Vendest

Arcade Games

Manufacturer Game Notes Tester & Date
Atari Dig Dug   2019-12-19 InvZim
Atari Pit Fighter   2020-01-09 wigsplitta
Banpresto Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon   2019-12-21 rtw
Banpresto Super Spacefortress Macross   2019-12-19 InvZim
Bootleg Bubble Bobble   2019-12-19 InvZim
Bootleg Ghost'n Goblins   2019-12-19 InvZim
Brezzasoft Crystal System The Crystal Of Kings 2020-01-14 rtw
Brezzasoft Crystal System All titles 2020-03-26 Derick2k
Capcom Commando Hardware 1943 - syncs OK, has pixel noise, could be LCD 2019-12-21 rtw
Capcom Commando Hardware Black Tiger 2019-01-07 8bitforlife
Capcom Commando Hardware Commando 2019-12-19 InvZim
Capcom CPS-1 Three Wonders 2019-12-21 rtw
Capcom CPS-1.5 The Punisher 2019-12-24 Wigsplitta
Capcom CPS-2 Progear 2019-12-19 InvZim
Capcom CPS2 'All-in-One' Black HSF2: AE 2020-01-03 wigsplitta
Capcom CPS-3 SF3 Third Strike 2020-01-03 wigsplitta
Capcom Side Arms   2019-12-19 InvZim
Capcom Street Fighter The Movie   2020-03-17 Derick2k
Cave 68000 Hardware Dangun Feveron 2019-12-21 rtw
Cave 68000 Hardware Donpachi 2020-01-09 wigsplitta
Cave CV-1000 Espgaluda II, ok on CRT and LCD 2019-12-21 InvZim
Cave CV-1000

Pink Sweets - very slight bowing in top right corner when screen is bright on LCD, not present on CRT.  GIF showing issue on LCD.

2019-12-21 rtw
Cave Ketsui   2019-12-20 rtw
Data East Deco32 Night Slashers 2019-12-21 rtw
Data East Nitro Ball   2019-20-21 rtw
Gaelco World Rally Championship Atari License 2020-01-06 wigsplitta
IGS PolyGame Master (PGM) Knights Of Valor 2020-01-14 rtw
Irem Kung-Fu Master game by itself has a little noisy video 2019-12-19 InvZim
Irem M72 Dragon Breed 2019-12-20 rtw
Irem M72 R-Type 2019-12-20 rtw
Irem M72 X-multiply 2020-01-07 Joe
Irem M77 Kickle Cubicle 2020-01-09 rtw
Irem M84 R-Type 2 2019-12-19 InvZim
Irem Moon Patrol game by itself has a little noisy video 2019-12-19 InvZim
Jaleco Mega System 32 P-47 Aces  2020-02-15 rtw
Kaneko Gals Panic   2019-12-21 rtw
Kaneko Super Nova System Cyvern 2019-12-21 rtw
Konami Gradius II   2019-12-19 InvZim
Konami GX system Winning Spike 2019-12-19 InvZim
Konami Nemesis (Gradius)   2019-12-19 InvZim
Konami Life Force / Salamander   2019-12-19 InvZim
Konami TMNT based HW Aliens 2020-01-06 Joe
Konami TMNT based HW TMNT 2020-01-06 wigsplitta
Konami TMNT based HW Sunset Riders 2020-01-06 wigsplitta
Konami X-Men based HW Crime Fighters 2 2020-01-06 wigsplitta
Konami Xexex   2020-01-07 rtw
Metro Last Fortress   2019-12-21 rtw
Midway Midway Y Unit Mortal Kombat 2020-01-03 wigsplitta
Midway Midway T Unit Mortal Kombat 2 2019-12-19 InvZim
Midway Midway Wolf Unit Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 2019-12-19 InvZim
Namco NA-1 Fighter & Attacker 2020-01-07 8bitforlife
Namco NA-1 Emeralda 2019-12-21 rtw
Namco  System 1 Dragon Spirit 2020-01-07 rtw
Namco System 2 Valkyrie 2019-12-21 rtw
Namco System 10 Mr. Driller G 2019-12-19 InvZim
Namco System 11 Tekken 2 2020-01-07 8bitforlife
Namco system 12 Tekken 3 - interlace and non-interlace video 2019-12-19 InvZim
Namco Valkyrie   2019-12-21 rtw
NMK GunNail   2019-12-21 rtw
Nichibutsu Terra Force   2019-12-21 rtw
Nintendo Nintendo Super System Super Mario World 2019-01-09 wigsplitta
Psikyo Strikers 1999 (Strikers 1945 III)   2019-12-19 InvZim
Sega C-2  Puyo Puyo 2019-12-20 rtw
Sega C-2 Thunder Force AC 2020-01-06 wigsplitta
Sega ST-V Winter Heat, interlace and non-interlace video). 2019-12-19 InvZim
Sega System 16 Shinobi 2019-12-21 rtw
Sega System 18 Michael Jackson's Moonwalker 2020-01-07 Joe
Seta, Sammy, Visco SSV system Vasara 2019-12-21 rtw
Seibu Raiden DX   2019-12-21 rtw
Seibu SPI Raiden Fighters 2019-12-20 rtw
SNK MV-1A (NeoGeo MVS) Puzzle Bobble 2019-12-19 InvZim
SNK Playmore NEO-MVH MVO SVC Chaos: SNK vs Capcom 2020-01-16 wigsplitta
Taito Arkanoid - Revenge of DOH   2019-12-19 InvZim
Taito Taito F2 system
Metal Black
2019-12-21 rtw
Taito Taito F2 system
2020-03-26 Derick2k
Taito Taito F3 system
Bubble Memories, Darksoft F3 multi
2019-12-20 rtw
Taito Taito G-net system Super Puzzle Bobble 2019-12-19 InvZim
Taito Truxton / Tatsujin   2019-12-19 InvZim
Taito Volfied missing some lines on LCD, ok on CRT 2019-12-21 rtw
Taito Wardner   2020-02-28 Thchardcore
Technos Wrestlefest   2020-01-06 wigsplitta
Technosoft Hyper Duel   2020-02-28 Thchardcore
Tecmo Ninja Gaiden   2020-01-07 8bitforlife
Toaplan Outzone   2019-12-21 rtw
Toaplan Snow Bros.   2020-01-03 wigsplitta
Tehkan Bomb Jack   2019-12-19 InvZim