The Retro Scaler A1 will upscale the RGB video signals from your

  • Arcade Games
  • Retro Consoles
  • Retro computers

It aims to be the 'final solution' when it comes to using systems above with more modern CRT displays - it also looks very good on flat-screens.


  • High/Low impedance & level RGB input - selectable
  • High/Low level composite sync input - selectable
  • H/V sync or C-sync on input - automatic selection
  • Automatic analog RGB bypass 
  • 30 bit high quality ADC video input, 30 bit high quality DAC video output
  • VGA compatible* Video output 0-1.0V, impedance 75 Ohm
  • H/V sync output, 5V (TTL)
  • 5V power input via micro USB connector, consumption is ~0.5A.