The JVS-PAC2 is a small device  that enables you to play MAME on your JVS cabinet with a minimum of hassle.  It is the successor to the now end-of-life JVS-PAC.

Enhancements from previous version:

  • TBD

Short introduction to JVS

JVS, or Jamma Video Standard (sometimes even called JAMMA 2), is a specification by a JAMMA special sub-committee consisting of the major arcade game manufacturers.  

JVS specifies the type of connectors to use for video (HD-15), audio (RCA) and power (JST VL), in addition to the communications protocol between the game board and the I/O board.  In contrast to (old) JAMMA, JVS concentrates I/O functions in a separate board.  The protocol is well documented, but only in Japanese (thank you google translate & altavista babelfish :) )

Short introduction to JVS-PAC2

The JVS-PAC2 behaves like a JVS game to the I/O controller, and a USB keyboard to the computer it is connected.  The keyboard output is mapped to standard M.A.M.E keys.

The main advantages of this setup is:

  • No special (or modification to existing) cabling required - all buttons work out of the box
  • You can swap between MAME and JVS games very quickly
  • Your JVS cabinet stays original
  • It's easy

The JVS-PAC is not an ultimarc.com product - and I am not affiliated in any way with ultimarc.com. (I am however a happy customer, and Andy didn't mind me using the name JVS-PAC)