Firmware update procedure

Updating the firmware on the JVS-PAC 2 is pretty easy:

  1. Download firmware ZIP file from this site
  2. unzip archive to a FAT formatted SD card
  3. Press BOTH A and B button while connecting USB cable to PC - the display will show that firmware update is active.  
  4. Follow instructions on screen


Firmware update errors /problems

Message: Blank screen on startup

Cause: You're probably touching some of the components on the PCB 

Fix: Disconnect, take care to not touch anything but the buttons and try again.


Message: card bad/missing 

Cause: There is no card inserted, or the card is not accessible on the electrical level by the JVS-PAC 2.

Fix/Solution: Try another card.


Message: card format error 

Cause: The file system is not readable by the JVS-PAC 2. 

Fix/Solution: Verify that the card has a FAT filesystem on it.  The JVS-PAC 2 is not picky about which FAT version (FAT32/exFAT etc), or computer system used to prepare the card.


Message: fw file missing / sha file missing

Cause: The firmware .bin or .sha file is not found.

Fix/Solution: Verify that the firmware file is extracted and located in the root directory of the sd-card.


Message: fw read error / sha read error

Cause: An error occured while reading the firmware files, most likely a dodgy card.

Fix/Solution: Reformat the card, then try a different card.