First time use

  1. Turn cabinet OFF
  2. Connect JVS and both power cables to Jammafier, do not connect game PCB
  3. Turn cabinet ON, the LED on the Jammafier should immediately turn on
  4. Verify on OLED that IO board is found.
  5. Verify supply voltages on OLED.
  6. Turn cabinet OFF

Use with game

  1. Turn cabinet OFF
  2. Make sure cables from cabinet is connected to Jammafier:
    • Both JVS power cables
    • JVS ‘usb’ cable
    • Audio cables
    • VGA cable*
  3. Gently connect Jammafier to Jamma game board - the OLED display should face upwards
  4. Turn cabinet ON

Warning! Using the Jammafier in dual-power setups, i.e. game is not powered directly from the Jammafier is not supported or recommended. 

Menu system

B button toggles between the different options/screens.  Button A changes/activates option.

JVS Input test

This displays active button switches on your JVS cab - useful for troubleshooting

Button 4&5 Option

Toggles between button 4&5 being active on edge connector and kick, or just kick.  This is needed for some CPS2 games.

Button layout

Toggles between normal layout, and a Neo Geo layout. 


Shows the firmware version, PCB version and serial number of the Jammafier

Save config

Saves configuration to micro-sd card.