Konami Windy II

Konami Windy II

The Windy II has its own Konami JAMMA adapter, however if broken or not included with the cab, an original replacement can be tricky and expensive to source.

To play Jamma games in a cab that is missing its original adapter, the recommended setup is:

  • Jammafier
  • Tri-Sync Helper

With this setup, everything is pretty much plug&play as the Konami IO is already designed to work with an adapter.


Made with a Toshiba A68LBT696X and PB7534 TriSync Tube/Chassis.  With the Tri-Sync Helper there you don’t need to change switches or change cables to swap between 31kHz JVS games and Jamma games.

IO Board

Konami GU707-JE : Verified

Power Supply

Standard Konami Windy II PSU : No issues

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