Firmware update

The firmware can be updated using a standard Micro SD card.  The card must be formatted with FAT filesystem.

Download zip file below, and extract files to root of sd card.

Update procedure

  • Power off system
  • Insert SD card into Jammafier
  • Press and hold both A and B button
  • Power on system
  • Follow instructions on screen



2019-02-16- Fixes/Improvements in this release

  • Correctly identify Konami Windy 2 IO board
  • Fix debug to file

2018-12-02 - Fixes/Improvements in this release

  • Increase duration of coin pulse and make it configurable via .ini file

2018-09-17 - Fixes/Improvements in this release

  • Correctly identifies Namco Noir IO board
  • Correctly identifies Egret 3 IO board
  • Fix Vewlix IO typo
  • Menu system with options and config save to micro-sd card
    • Neo Geo remap
    • Option to have buttons 4&5 on JST-XH only
    • JVS Input test
    • Display PCB version and serial number

2018-08-20t2 - Increase packet reception timeout

2018-08-20t1 - Add debug 3.3V reading, adjust startup timers