Controls & Coin

The Jammafier has a very rapid update frequency (around 350Hz) which makes it practically lag-free.

Cabinet signals on Jammafier

JVS IO-board / Cabinet Jammafier Game Connector Jammafier JST-XH 
Test Test  
Service Player 1 Service  
Service Player 2 Service  
Credit increase, slot 1 Coin A  
Credit increase, slot 2** Coin B  
Sticks, button 1 to 3 Sticks, button 1 to 3  
Button 4 and 5 Button 4 and 5 Button 4 and 5
Button 6   Button 6

**) Not all IO boards/cabinets have support for 2 coin slots

Kick harness - buttons 4,5 & 6

For games that use an additional connector for buttons, they are available on the JST-XH 6 pin header.  The pin-out is clearly marked on the PCB, and is the same used by RGB on his HAS super-gun.

Coincidentally (not really ☺), JST-XH is used in a lot of RC hobby products, so it's easy to find something that gets you half-way there.  Just search ebay for "JST-XH 5S", or "1P5S" and you should find many alternatives.  A length of 30cm should be plenty, and I recommend getting one where the individual leads have different colors. 

JST-XH pin Function
1 Player 1 Button 4
2 Player 2 Button 4
3 Player 1 Button 5
4 Player 2 Button 5
5 Player 1 Button 6
6 Player 2 Button 6

Selectable output for button 4&5

Some games are programmed in a way that buttons 4&5 must be via a kick connector, but will get confused if they at the same time receive input for buttons 4&5 via the Jamma edge.  This is pretty rare, but you may run into it.  By default buttons 4&5 is output BOTH to Jamma and kick - but this can be selected via the menu with 2 options:

  • Buttons 4/5 on both Jamma and JST-XH - default
  • Buttons 4/5 on JST-XH only

Namco issues

JVS does not have the notion of coin input, but has a more advanced system where the IO board keeps track of available credit.  For this to translate into Jamma, a coin event has to be emulated by pulsing the coin input on the Jamma edge.  The Namco adapter does this in a way that some games don't understand/like - most notably the Cave CV-1000 series of PCB's.