Tri-Sync Monitors

Most Tri-Sync monitors switch automatically between 31kHz, 24kHz and 15kHz video, unfortunately they cannot switch automatically between Jamma level RGB (high-impedance), and VGA level RGB (low-impedance).  The solution provided by the manufacturer is either

  1. Dedicated connector for high-impedance video (most common)
  2. High/Low impedance switch  (pretty rare)

Tri-Sync Helper

To make this a little easier, you can order this add-on board that plugs directly into the Jammafier.  It transforms the video from high to low impedance, and also cleans and separates the sync from Jamma into horizontal and vertical sync.  This way you will have only one cable to your monitor, and no switches to worry about.  As a bonus it will also take care of sync problems some monitors have with games like Taito F3.  It is important to note that it does not change the scan rate - you will need a scaler if your monitor does not support 15kHz Jamma video.