Taito Vewlix


 LCD monitor, not natively capable of using signals from Jamma games, and needs an upscaler.  Alternatives are:

  • Official Taito Jamma kit Scaler, if you have this you probably also have the Jamma harness and you don't need anything
  • Retro Scaler A1 - easy plug & play, depending on game and monitor you may not see all vertical lines in games with >240 lines of video.
  • OSSC with the Tri-Sync Helper.  The Tri-Sync Helper attenuates the video to a safe level for the OSSC, and also fixes some sync issues the OSSC has.  Requires a bit of tweaking to get optimal results.

IO Board


Revision 1.4 (serial 1 to 18) will only work with the Vewlix IO after resistor R1 is removed, this is not an issue for rev 1.5 and later.

Power Supply

No issues reported